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UCLEAR Digital Pro Microphone is an excellent helmet communicator giving complete rider control as it has extended mic pair. It works well with full face or half or even open face helmets.

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The Pro Microphones were designed for half, 3/4, modular and full face helmets that have acoustic challenges and require a high quality of audio performance.  Pro Microphones have an extended mic pair that can be custom routed through the helmet for optimal placement allowing complete consumer control for optimal results.

With the microphones on the Pro series now located on the end of extender leads, the voice pickup area can be custom-tailored to address issues found in some helmet types. The issues can includes helmet shape, complexities with the inner foam shell and padding, liners or other problems that may interfere with optimal performance of the standard UCLEAR integrated speaker/microphone components.

Because the Pro Microphones are separate from the speakers, they can be positioned elsewhere in the helmet (brow, forward edge or chin-bar areas) and the microphone performance is maintained, especially in half-helmets or other types.

Although primarily designed for the half-helmets favored by cruiser owners, the UCLEAR Pro Microphones can also replace the standard speaker/mic system to work with virtually any full-face, flip-up, three-quarter, modular or half-helmet, particularly those with unique shapes or specialized interiors for other outdoor sports (powered or otherwise) activities.


  • 1 Set of Pro Microphones
  • 1 Set of Velcro Installation Mounts

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