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UCLEAR Digital HBC200 Force has the latest Bluetooth technology and allows to connect with unlimited number of riders. This integrated system can be assembled within minutes into any helmet. Exceptional audio clarity and Advanced Beamforming® technology to eliminate ambient noise!

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Whether you’re on a dirt bike, street bike, or ATV, UCLEAR Digital has the ultimate solution to take your ride to the next level. Featuring exclusive concealed dual-microphone technology and high-fidelity speakers, the HBC200 Force integrated helmet communication system allows riders to wirelessly connect to an unlimited number of friends, family, and any Bluetooth streaming device. This system is fully self-contained and can be easily installed in any helmet in minutes, with no tools required.

All devices are fully duplex and the HBC200 Force system allows an unlimited number of people to communicate simultaneously at a distance of up to one half of a mile (700m). Using the patented Multi-Hop® technology, the HBC200 Force has an extended range of communication allowing users to speak to lead riders, even if they are outside of the line-of-sight. Advanced Beamforming® technology allows the discreet dual-microphone to capture and extract specific sounds, virtually eliminating all background noise. The result is crystal clear audio in even the most extreme conditions.

Combining hands-free communication and advanced noise cancellation, the HBC200 Force lets you enjoy your own soundtrack anywhere, anytime.


(1) HBC200 Force Control Unit
(1) Stereo Speaker Set with embedded microphones
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Permanent helmet mount
(1) Temporary helmet mount
(2) Velcro® speaker mounts


Bluetooth 2.1

Firmware Upgradable

Profiles: HFP, SP, AVRCP, A2DP, Intercom

Battery: Lithium 10hr Talk Time / 3 week Standby

Operating Temp: -30C (-20F) to 60C (140F)

Weather Resistant

Size: 60x40x18mm (2.9 x 1.75 x 1in)



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